Tips To Preserve Your Wedding Cake For Your First Anniversary

Once you have tied the knot and sworn to spend the rest of your lives together with the love of your life, now your heart stops racing again for the next sunrise just so that you can see or talk to your better half. The pieces of a heart puzzle start adding up to the bigger picture and it looks full of love and joy. Everyone has this moment in life. The best thing to make these happy and romantic moments vivid in our minds is with a cake. The best thing about a cake is that you can customise it to your perfection and occasion. With different ingredients and preparation methods, some cakes are only fresh for a few days. If you want to enjoy your first anniversary with a bang then you need to know how you can preserve your wedding cake. Read on as we share tips on how you can make your first anniversary cake a dream come true. 

First things first

Before you proceed on to the venue and decor, it is important that you have a discussion with your dream cake caterer and inform them that you also want to preserve part of the cake like the top layer. 

So it’s wise to search for a bakery close to where you stay for instance if you stay in Hyderabad, you will need a bakery that can accommodate your requirements. You can locate the nearest bakery to your location, and even online bakery stores selling cakes in Hyderabad. And someone you can trust not to get tempted with the cake while holding it for you. 

When you reach home you will need to properly wrap the cake. So, remove any parts and decorations (cardboard) that may get in your way while wrapping the cake trapping the moisture inside. When properly sealed, it will not dry out and stay fresh for a long time. You will also have to place the cake in the freezer for about thirty minutes. The icing will harden. Avoid having any heavy objects on the cake as well as powerful scents, nothing will cause it to deform and absorb a funny flavour.

It’s a process

Now you need to wrap the cake with plastic tightly as you can. Then wrap it with two layers of aluminium foil and store it away in an airtight container. This will ensure that the cake will stay fresh for more than a year. It will not take up the smells from the freezer or other strong scents. From time to time you may get tempted and eat the cake, so you must tie a ribbon around the wrapped cake as a reminder for the first anniversary. 

The types of cakes

Another important thing to take note of is the type of cake you are going to have for your wedding. Cakes differ in taste, ingredients, preparation processes, designs, and colours. Because of these differences, some cakes hold up much greater than others. With cakes made up of creams, puddings, and custards, are only fresh for a few days. But cakes made with carrots and chocolates maintain moisture, which gives them the capability to stay fresh for a long time. 

When is the right time to eat your preserved cake?

Now it is almost a year after you and your beloved have tied the knot, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your love and happiness on the anniversary day. You need to start prepping up your cake for the historic day as you celebrate your first year together. So take the cake from your refrigerator and keep it at room temperature and remove the wrapping. Let the cake’s temperature be at room temperature for it to reach its peak sweetness.

In another way, you can keep the cake in the fridge for a week and have a weeklong anniversary celebration. Then you can order the same cake baked with the same ingredients down to the fine print, and arrange for home or other venue or location. Bakeries will work closely with you making sure that your instructions are done precisely as you want them to be. The other great part about this is that you do not have to worry about going from one place to another searching for a store you can trust with your wish.