A Short Introduction to Instant Coffee And Its Amazing Benefits

Drinking instant coffee is not for everyone. But those who like to do things instantly may consider this instead of waiting for their coffee to brew in the morning. So if you love your cup of joe in an instant in the morning, then you need to know not only the best instant coffee to buy but also its amazing benefits that you can enjoy. 

An Introduction to Instant Coffee

Unlike the traditional coffee brewing, the instant version is a dried coffee extract through a brewed coffee beans concentrate. This is then dried up to the powdery form that makes it easier to dissolve in hot water.  Instant coffee is produced using two methods – spray drying and freeze-drying.

Spray drying is when the extract is sprayed into hot air that dries it up almost instantly. The result is a fine powder. The freeze-drying method on the other hand is where the extract is frozen and vacuum dried at a very low temperature. Both of these methods are used by instant coffee manufacturers.

Benefits of Instant Coffee

Now that you know how instant coffee is manufactured, it is time to learn if this is good or bad for your health. Like traditional coffee, instant coffee also comes with amazing benefits that include the following:

  • Boost Cognitive Functions. Instant coffee is known to boost your cognitive functions and also improve your level of concentration. Coffee also affects one’s mental health as it helps reduce the risks of depression.

  • Helps with Metabolism. A cup of coffee can also help improve your metabolism during the day. That is why if you want to lose weight, then should consider drinking coffee regularly. Caffeine increases metabolism that makes your body burn more calories in return.

  • Added Liver Protection. Coffee is really good at protecting your liver, thus, it reduces the risk of liver cancer. Coffee can also help lower the risk of cirrhosis of the liver as well as slow down the progression of any liver problems. This benefit can be enjoyed both in the fresh ground and instant coffee.

Buy Instant Coffee Online

Coffee is known to be an antioxidant, even if you choose to drink the instant version. Studies have shown that there are plenty of benefits that you can enjoy with drinking coffee. If you want to know more about coffee and where to buy them online, then you should visit and check out more information at My Virtual Coffee House. Here, you can find plenty of reviews and guides perfect for coffee lovers.