Tips for choosing a perfect coffee machine for your office

A nice coffee machine adds to the ambience of your office. Your employees are part of your family and taking care of their needs should definitely be among your primary concern. The perfect coffee machine rental considers the requirements of your employees, their taste, and maintainability. Here are some tips to look at before you get yourself a coffee machine for your office.

Estimate the amount of coffee that employees would drink per day

The size of your  coffee machine would depend on the amount of coffee your employees drink. According to research, employees drink about 4 cups of coffee a day. Also, some would prefer tea. Also, do you receive guests at your place? Take into account the average cups consumed per day along with the variety of beverages (coffee, tea, hot chocolate) when choosing your coffee machine.

Have a brewing type that suits the taste of your employees

Take a considerate look at the brewing that you and your employees would prefer. Do you prefer speed and convenience over freshly brewed coffee? This is an important question as there are different types of  preparation methods. A bean-to-cup machine will offer freshly ground and brewed coffee for an amazing start to your mornings. An instant soluble based machine will give you the much-needed caffeine kick along with a familiar taste. A premix-based machine will give you multiple cups of great and consistent tasting coffee at a good speed.

Take the maintenance and cleaning time into consideration

General maintenance, cleaning, and preparation can vary across different machine types. The amount of time required for the maintenance of your coffee machine can be a deciding factor. Make sure that this does not offer a surprise afterward.

Consider the preparation time

Are meetings held very frequently in your office, and are there moments when you might consume lots of coffee in a short time? Instant coffee machines are the best for these occasions. You would get the coffee within 15-20 seconds. Otherwise, a coffee machine rental with fresh coffee beans can make a cup within 30 seconds. When you are choosing the coffee machine, you could keep that in mind.

Make sure to take into consideration the price of each cup of coffee

If you are trying to understand how much you would be spending on your coffee machine, the machine’s price is not enough. You also need to take into account the cost of each cup of coffee. Instant coffee or premix coffee would not cost a lot. However, if you would like coffee from fresh coffee beans, the cost per cup would be different.

Now that you have these tips in mind, you are much better equipped to make an educated choice. Making a choice based on personal preference can cause problems and even turn out to be costly.