Is it a Good Idea to Buy a Street Food Stall in Malaysia?

It’s a wise move to invest in your own street food stall, especially if you live in Malaysia. This is because Malaysian street food is renowned for its variety and accessibility. However, you need to consider some factors before you buy a street food stall.

Will I Be Able to Find Customers for My Products?

Before you jump in and start haggling to buy business, ask yourself first: who would buy what I sell? It is very important to know your market so that your small business will become popular. If you are not sure whom to market your street food to, take a step back and assess the neighborhood. 

What is the median age of the residents? Do they have lots of money to spend on food? Is this market populated by adventurous foodies? Are there a lot of tourists eager to try something new? Is the street you are aiming to buy the business in near offices or schools? Questions like these will allow you to craft your strategy before buying a street food stall.

Is the Current Food Stall Popular Among Residents and Tourists?

The popularity of the food served is very important too. If the food seems to be ignored by bystanders and tourists casually looking for street treats, then maybe you should look elsewhere. You can also try visiting that street at different times of the day or night. Some foodies may like to visit that place early so they can eat what they like. You know the food must really be something else if it gets sold out well before lunchtime or dinnertime.

Are Other Food Stalls on the Same Street Selling the Same Food?

This factor can affect the pricing of that business for sale Malaysia 2020. The stall may seem to be the only one selling a particular kind of food on that street. On the other hand, the stall may be separately focusing on food or beverages. Some dishes could be sold out faster than the food in other stalls. If the stall owner seems to have a thriving monopoly on a certain street, that could be a good business to acquire.

Can I Offer New Products Through That Food Stall?

It is often a good idea to introduce a new dish or beverage through an established food stall. Customers may find your addition to the original menu intriguing. Take note though that your new offering should really wow the crowd to be successful. If the response is tepid, you may need to reassess your strategy.

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