Hi Melt & Thins – who is best suited for what?

Keeping your competitive advantage hinges on your ability to keep costs low and your quality high. Historically, this combination has eluded the food and hospitality industry but Pure Dairy has worked out a winning combination that will keep your customers and hip pockets satisfied. They understand the predicament of the modern day restaurateurs; maintaining the highest quality standards whilst still providing a cost-effective and delicious product that fulfils high expectations.

Whether it’s burgers, macaroni or quesadillas, cheese lovers far and wide return to their favourite eateries for the nuanced flavour offered by their favourite dish. The most successful restaurateurs understand the importance of varying cheese flavours and application across their menu and how to reliably source the correct variety. American Cheese is among the most notable as its stark yellow and gooey aesthetic universally synonymous with a burger. Pure Dairy’s range of Hi Melt cheese slices and thin burger cheese slices are two highly sought after American cheeses available in the Australian market that indulge the customer without straining your cash flow.

Both of these cheese slices are delicious, but Hi Melt is the more well-known of the two. In Australia, the best American cheese is Hi-Melt burger cheese that provides a mild to medium cheddar flavour, essentially acting as a key ingredient to making great burgers. Many restaurateurs prefer thin cheese slices because they are less expensive than the thicker ones. These cheese slices save money on production while providing a high-quality, tasty flavour to your burgers. 

Be it a veggie or a chicken burger, thin cheese slices seem ideal, but if you’re creating a beef burger, you might want to use a bigger block of cheese. Buying these cheese slices in bulk can, no wonder, give you a lot of benefits. Buying the cheese slices in bulk could help prove economically beneficial as you stand to benefit from the economies of scale. 

It is also worth noting that the quality of the cheese slices is far more important than thickness if you find yourself having to choose.  This is because both thick and thin cheese slices can be utilised for  popular menu items such as burgers and the quality of the cheese doesn’t vary with a reputable supplier such as Pure Dairy.

In terms of flavour, both of these cheese slices are an ideal choice for your burgers as they both provide an excellent taste. The consumers, the chefs, and the elements utilised while making the slices, all help influence the thickness of the sauce.

The Burger Cheese from Pure Dairy is a commitment to taste and customer satisfaction. The ever growing need for an excellent cheese slice has now been satisfied at a fair cost to restraints all over the country. The cheese slices have a mild flavour to enhance and complement your high-quality patties, a high melting point to ensure perfect melting without excessive strain of fat and, and lastly, a monitored moisture content. All of these elements make for a visually appetising dish worthy of celebration.