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What Makes Steak So Healthy?

Modern diet conscious people mostly believe that meat, especially red meat is bad for health but for ages, we have learned that meat definitely has the highest nutrition content. The same thing applies to steak, especially if it’s a good quality steak that you are having. Moving away from the general concepts and ideas about steaks and meat let’s go by the real facts.

Why steak is healthy?

  1. Steak has a wide range of beneficial nutrients in a high quantity such as vitamin B12, selenium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin B3, B6, B2, iron, potassium and vitamin B1. In fact, very few people know that red meat has proteins as well as essential nutrients that are easily bioavailable compared to other types of food.
  2. Grass-fed beef with high-quantity of conjugated linoleic acid along with omega 3 is very good for your heart. It is equally rich in vitamin A and E plus antioxidants that protect from cancer.
  3. Steak fat is known to be very healthy and it’s completely wrong if you have been groomed with the opinion that meat fats are unhealthy. It is the artificial industrial fats like margarine and transfat that should be avoided. Naturally occurring fat is good for health. Saturated fat doesn’t cause cardiovascular risks or ailments.
  4. Steak also has monosaturated and saturated acids playing a crucial role in your health.
  5. Did you know that steak is great for you if you are planning on muscle building? What’s more, steak also has creatine which is a very efficient nutritional supplement currently needed by athletes as it helps to boost their strength and endurance. In short, this is the complete protein source.
  6. Additionally, if you are looking to lose some weight then steak is a good choice and a recent study shows that people consuming red meat have a low body mass index.

How to get the best cuts in steaks?

Moreover, a juicy steak is really good for your heart because every cut of beef contains saturated fat and eating lean beef improves cholesterol levels, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular ailments. A steak serving can vary greatly in terms of calories and when you are planning to lose weight, the leaner cuts of steak are better options for you.

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