What are the different types of food vacuum sealers?

There are a million different vacuum sealers out there. Each is designed for a different use and a different type of buyer. There exists 3 types of food vacuum sealers namely;

-Chamber vacuum sealers

-Portable vacuum sealers

-External vacuum sealers

All of these 3 are used to preserve food. They will prolong the shelf life of food and provide an efficient way to store it. In other words, they will preserve your food for many months. 

Chamber Vacuum sealers

Chamber vacuum sealers like vacmaster vp112 have received recognition for keeping food fresh for a long, affordability and vacuum sealing efficiently.  

Features of a Chamber Vacuum Sealer

They feature an enclosure or a chamber where food to be sealed is inserted hence the name chamber vacuum sealer. Additionally, they feature an easy to use control panel and a sensor technology.

One of the best chamber vacuum sealer out there, vacmaster vp112s extensively reviewed here can also vacuum wet foods, features a countertop low profile design, is used to marinate food and comes with sealer bags. 

If you frequently buy food in bulk, buy this type of vacuum sealer. It has powerful motor which sucks all the air from the bag and are quieter than external sealers.

In addition, you can seal liquid foods unlike external sealers and will not take most of your kitchen counter top space. They are great for hunters, gardeners and fishers.

Portable vacuum sealers

Handheld or portable vacuum sealers are inexpensive and easy to use. They will seal small bags of food with no difficulty. However, they are small and their motors are not as powerful as chamber vacuum sealers and external vacuum sealers.

You can vacuum seal some vegetables and cheese with this type of sealer. 

External Vacuum sealers

This is a type of vacuum sealer that removes air externally. This method of vacuum sealing involves placing the bag containing food over the seal bar and air is sucked before sealed. 

They are not the best for sealing liquid foods since moisture can be sucked out causing damage to your machine. If you want to store liquid foods such as soup, I would recommend to freeze it first before vacuum sealing. 

Various external vacuum sealers on the market right now include Foodsaver V48402 vacuum sealing system starter kit and Weston stainless steel vacuum sealer. With their features, they will keep your food longer in the fridge. 

This can be your large cuts of wild animals, fish or large produce of your garden.