What are Cutters and emulsifiers?

Being a dealer for used food machinery and the food processing industry, Progressu is keen to offer you a detailed and progressive choice of used and pre-owned cutters, and emulsifiers. Let’s take a look at different types of cutters and emulsifiers and their ranges.

Let’s have a better understanding of what a cutter and emulsifier are. Food emulsifiers are the equipment used to cut and emulsify meat, sausages, and delicacies. These are designed to make pastes out of food so that the consumption and recipes could easily be carried out. An emulsifier could also be and probably be the last machine on a production line and is a way to obtain a very high degree of fineness as well as a coarse-grained product. So, that specific processes on food products could be carried out. The quality of these undergone emulsified products is determined by the hole size in the hole plates. This way, their processing, and grinding are justified.

Some of the cutters that are used in the food processing industry are used to produce meat masses for sausage production, fine pate, puree, and various other smooth food products within the food industry. These cutters are designed for continuous cutting and dispersing. These come with a horizontal body manufactured with double-stage rotor-stator assembly. These micro cutters are ideal for mincing, grinding, homogenous mixing, optimal powder dispersing or making stable emulsions, as well as, for the production of fine emulsions of meat, or soup, sauce, and baby food.

Types of cutters and emulsifiers

There are certain types of cutters and emulsifiers available in the markets today for industrial needs and requirements. One such type of cutter with versatile features and multiple functions performing within seconds is the Sammic bowl cutter. That is equipped with emulsifier versatility allowing you to chop, grind, mix, knead, and emulsify any product within seconds. There is another optimistic feature of speed selection that gives you the possibility of selecting between 2 to 10 speeds, allowing the machine and you to manage the workload together with the specific needs of the user. It gives you 5 or 8-liter capacity. The high stem of the central shaft gives a great useful capacity to each model. There is other optional Cutting blades feature as well depending on what your industry requires.

Sammic cutter and emulsifiers are also available with a diverse range of vertical cutters and cutter-emulsifiers consisting of 4 models depending on their performance features and capacity. The first such model is CK-5 which comes with a 2-speed cutter option and with a 5-liter bowl. The second one is CK-8 which also comes with a 2-speed cutter and is equipped with an 8-liter bowl. The third one is CKE-5 which allows you to gain a variable speed cutter-emulsifier with a 5-liter bowl and built-in “Cut Mix” scraper. The fourth one is CKE-8 which also allows variable speed cutter-emulsifier with an 8-liter bowl and built-in “Cut Mix” scraper.


Progressu is here to offer you not only these specific types of cutters and emulsifiers but also the assistance in installation and dismantling of these cutters and emulsifiers. We are keen to offer you a used version to reduce your costs and make it budget-friendly.