Use These Tips When Preparing Arabic Food

One of the most fascinating things about Arabic cuisine is how diverse it can be, with all the different cooking styles from the different parts of the Middle East, each with its own unique spices and ingredients. But still, all of them are still categorized as Arabic food.

Use the tips below for cooking Arabic foods as the locals do:

Stick with Fresh Ingredients All the Time

Always use fresh ingredients if possible. It is especially important when preparing traditional Arabic dishes that usually require homegrown ingredients such as spices and herbs. If you cannot find a specific ingredient, check if there is a substitute you can use instead.

Arabic Desserts Use Lots of Nuts

Arab people love using nuts a lot in most of their recipes, specifically in desserts. Baklava is one of the most common Arabic desserts which is made with phyllo dough layers filled with chopped nuts then sweetened with syrup or honey.

Ma’amoul is another famous dessert that uses nuts. These are cookies made using semolina flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and different varieties of nuts. The cookies can either have a filling spread on top or be stuffed with nut filling.

When preparing an Arabic dish, it is important to only use authentic ingredients as much as possible. For instance, instead of using the usual olive oil, you can use extra virgin olive oil to give a more traditional flavor to your dish. There are also many different kinds of spices you can use.

Get Help from the locals

If you are not really sure about what type of heat suits your dish best, don’t hesitate to ask someone who is well-versed with Arabic cuisine.

Talking with locals can give you all kinds of helpful information that can guarantee the success of your authentic Arabian dinner party.

It is important not just because they can tell you exactly how to prepare but also because the story they share behind every recipe can inspire you to create new dishes altogether.

Experiment with New Flavors

Never be afraid to try new flavors. Arabic cuisine is filled with flavors, and usually uses spices that may not be familiar to those who are not used to cooking it. Unleash your creativity and try new things. Who knows? You might develop something that satisfies your taste buds perfectly.

Master the Art of Spices

Spices are vital to Arabic cuisine, and many dishes will call for a combination of several flavors to achieve the perfect balance. Saffron is one spice that is always added to Arabic food that imparts a unique aroma and flavor.

When cooking with these spices, it is recommended to begin with just a small amount then add more as needed. Through this, you can be sure that the dis won’t be too overwhelming or spicy for your taste.  

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