Trans Studio Bandung: The Biggest Theme Park For Family’s Holiday

It’s an intricate part of this Trans Studio. A one-way destination together with all the parks, a shopping mall, and a lavish resort. All in one spot. The entire complex covers a part of 4,2 hectares.

As a park, Trans Studio Bandung asserts it as the largest indoor playground in the country. Trans Studio Bandung was constructed in 2011. The group behind the development of the theme park is Trans Corporation. Among many dominant media companies in Indonesia. That is the reason a lot of rides are motivated by television programs out of Trans Corporation’s TV stations.

It has a broadcast moon. Where people can find out about a TV app’s behind-the-scenes, in total, you will find 20 rides in Trans Studio Bandung. All in 3 segments: Studio Central, The Lost City, along with Magic World. Studio Central layout such as Hollywood 60’s motif.

The Lost City and Magic World inspiration stems in the fanciful worlds. Rides here like the Amazonian-theme’ Jelajah’ along with the haunted home’ Dunia Lain’.

Most Favourite Extreme Rides At Trans Studio Bandung

The story of Jack and the Beanstalks motivated the trip to Negeri Raksasa (The Giant Nation). Riders will collapse out of a 20-meter elevation to mimic Jack’s escape against the giants. The journey drops individuals to a height of 40 meters. It is relatively high; riders may probably observe the entire Bandung town whilst at the top.

The only journey situated outside, Yamaha Racing Coaster is just another people’ favourite. The roller coaster is well proven to be much more unpredictable than a routine person, rather than finishing one lap and completing. Prepare to get a stomach-flipping ride straight back to the beginning point. The entire ride takes one minute since the roller coaster goes using a blasting rate of 200km/hour.

Adventurous Journey’ Jelajah’

The water journey ‘Jelajah’ attracts people deep into the mystical Amazon. The darkened jungle expects. Its secrets are going to become unravelled. Twist through the shadow of this temple ruins. The last challenge is a 13-meter waterfall fall. That ensures everyone’s clothing to get wet — it is far much better to pack a spare top ahead.

Haunted House ‘Dunia Lain’

The next is a favourite horror reality TV program. From the series, the hosts could investigate haunted places across the nation. Trans Studio Bandung tries to recreate that series’ terror. By creating a haunted house with an identical name.

Lots of loopholes and ghosts here are motivated by the TV series. The trip begins with sounds of yelling and crying. Enough to provide goosebumps. Get ready for jump scares which produce the 4-minute travel with no end.

Lots of ghosts are locals and unknown. Australian visitors may not have heard about those ghosts earlier, rather than dracula or vampire. Meet Kuntilanak, a phantom in a feminine type famous for her spooky laugh and horrible passing narrative.

Trans Studio Bandung Performances & Show

Have a rest from rides by appreciating Trans Studio’s performances and shows. There are various displays habitually held. Like the magical series “It’s Magic” and launching dancing performances daily. From time to time, besides, there are particular displays. Back in December 2018, a global circus team Gravity held two-weeks performance here.

Trans Studio Broadcast Museum

Trans Studio isn’t merely a place for pleasure. They also supply educational attractions, like the Trans Broadcast Museum. Here, find out how TV crews operate on a tv series. And it is behind the scenes.

There are numerous measures, from shooting to editing. Visitors may be involved in every one of those procedures. Last, visit your museum’s newsroom to become a news anchor.

Trans Studio Mall

It would have another day to research Trans Studio Theater alone. It’s the biggest mall in Bandung, with five floors in total. You will find a fantastic selection of stores. A theatre and an entire floor devoted to food courts and restaurants.

Visit the first floor to store-branded things, international or local.

But, tickets are more expensive throughout the weekend and also peak year (New Year Holiday, summer and school’s vacation).

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