The Scientific Reason Behind Eating Dessert After The Main Course

Do you know why humans love having sweet things after their meals? Our brain tends to build a primal urge for consuming calories as much as possible. As per some reputed food scientists, the appetite fades away when we eat the same thing on a daily basis. A course of dessert helps in tricking our brain to have more food.

Passing away the pleasure

To pass away the flavor of the first course, a savory course is required to rapidly reduce the hunger pangs and become full. The dessert, let us get indulged with a new set of flavor (sweet or cold) and thus, re-energizes the appetite. Therefore, our brain strikes the message again, to have some more food for the next time. This is the scientific pleasure of having desserts. An Italian Tiramisu is as elegant as a bar of luscious chocolate that renders the class of traditional Italy.

Additionally, our stomach is capable to handle dissipated foods after having the main course. When we feel hungry, a large amount of sugar, fatty acids or digested starches can be harsh for our stomach. ThoseFatsare strong inhibitor of all gastric emptying that allows sugar in almost all kind of dessert. This pulls away the water from your stomach so that the contents are diluted.

Why desserts must be taken on a daily basis?

Dessert helps in lowering blood pressure. A few bites of chocolate on a daily basis can lower the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. As per the Harvard study, a small square of dark chocolate reduced blood pressure in every participant of the study. As chocolate is rich in dark cocoa, it packs highly concentrated flavonoids. It is a type of antioxidant that benefits the immune system and has anti-inflammatory benefits.

Limits sugar and fats intake

Treats brought from stores are rich in safe chemicals, calories and sugar content. This may shoot up the blood sugar. Choose a renowned store in Singapore that provides genuine desserts that are healthy for daily intake. Genuine dessert products limit your craving for sugar and fats. Sometimes it may even toss you to healthy addictions.

Desserts help us in staying active. No other food product is as easy as trustworthy as dessert. It’s simple, you get what you see! Just step inside a shop that offers a range of dessert including cakes and ice creams.