Thekey stages of child growth and development

The key stages of child growth and development

Each child has numerous stages of development. The growth pattern is the same amongst children. Some of them might pass through a stage very quickly, whereas some might take some time to grow.

All growth stages have a milestone to achieve. Therefore, lots of experts call it the growth milestone. You can get to learn a lot about child development in this write-up.

Here are a few key stages of your child’s growth and development:

  1. Cognitive development

Cognitive skills are the power to resolve a problem. This development could differ as per ages. A kid is for eternity learning to solve problems. Firstly, as the kid moves around and touches things, it collects info about the environment.Likewise, a grown-up kid who is five years older is learning to solve maths problems. These are two different phases of child cognitive development.

  1. Social & emotional development

Another vital thing for the little ones to learn is how to communicate with others. Communicating with people could differ depending on who is around.

As the kids grow, they learn to smile, assisting others when they require and learning self-control. These are the parts of emotional development.

A baby who is just about some months old learns to smile at others, while an older kid learns how to wave at others.

  1. Speech and language development

A baby doesn’t know any language when he/she is born. But, with time, the baby sees how others reply with words; his/her understanding of language develops too. Usually, it takes some time for a little kid to learn how to speak. First of all, the kid begins to respond to words.

Over a while, the kid starts utilizing words for expressing needs. This is the initial phase of language development. As the child turns one year old, they learn to use words. By the next year, the child would learn how to name people, things, etc. After that, while the child develops, his/her language knowledge carries on improving.

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