Hilite 1 Pack Heavy Duty Adjustable PVC Vinyl Bib Apron – Brown – 855A

Starting a restaurant has never been so easy. Moreover, selecting uniforms for your staff can be a daunting task if you do not understand the type of uniforms you must go for. To make your life easier we have listed different types of aprons.

You will find them standardised in any reputed restaurants. Not one apron will be appropriate for all your staff. There are few styles which are suitable for front office and few for the back of the restaurant or even kitchen. Let us understand in detail:

Bib Apron

This is one of the most common aprons used at home and also kitchen of the restaurant. This apron comes with an easy tie neck strap what goes over the head and also the waist ties to make the apron adjust properly with the body.

Heavy duty Bib apron is usually used by chef and gives full coverage to the person, while cooking. This also protects the person from spills and unusual splashes which is normal in a busy kitchen environment. This poly cotton apron is comfortable and can be worn throughout the day.

Dishwasher Apron

This look very much like the bib apron and also provides full coverage. However, the difference is that these are made from water resistant material. These are little expensive than the bib apron but its worth for your washing staffs. Also, this is necessary when there are huge numbers of orders and you need to handle a large number of orders.

Waist Apron

As the name suggests this covers only the bottom of the body. This will not cover the upper part but give full coverage to the lower part. The length of the aprons is comfortable since it gives the wearer easy mobility on a busy day. These aprons are best suited for front office, mainly for waiters and waitresses.