Frozen or Refrigerated – How Long does the Smoked Meat last?

The smoked meat is undoubtedly irresistible for may with its unique delicious taste and flavour, and its woody smoky aroma. Historically, the method of smoking meat is the practice that evolved with the ancient man probably in the stone age. The ancient man in collection or food gathering period found a way to preserve the surplus food particularly the meat by smoking the meat. However, in the contemporary period, smoked meat can never be said a meat preservation method rather a recipe or a hobby or a luxury. In other words, people nowadays prefer smoked meat basically because of its smoky flavour and passionate amazing taste. Find your favourite and amazing smoke meat in one of Canada’s best deli Jarry Smoked Meat Montreal.

The smoked meat like other food recipes such as meat, poultry and fish get spoiled soon. Often, people particularly the smoked meat lovers wonder and get confused whether their favourite smoked meat can be preserved longer. In order to explore how long your smoked meat may be preserved, you need to first know how long the smoked meat lasts. Normally, if you do not store the smoked meat appropriately, it may get spoilt within a few hours or within a day and it may even cause food poisoning. As per the study of CDC or Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 48 million people get sick and 128000 people get hospitalised and out of the total around 3000 people die because of foodborne diseases every year in the United States.

Food poisoning is life risky and serious health complication, but it can be easily prevented. If you appropriately store and handle the smoked meat, it can be preserved around four days in the refrigerator. However, it can be also preserved for as long as 3 months with proper wrapping and other preservation methods. The method of smoked meat was originated initially to preserve it without refrigeration. 

Nowadays you need to refrigerate the smoke meat because earlier the smoked meat used to be smoked, cured and dried whereas today we do not smoke it nor cure and dry it. Therefore, the moisture allows the bacteria in the non-cured and non-dried smoked meat which has the potential of spoiling the smoke meat, and this is the reason refrigeration of smoked meat has become essential. Bacteria on meat can multiply enormously and get doubled in four to twenty minutes eventually spoiling the entire smoked meat within a few hours if not preserved appropriately.