Famous Asian Dishes That You Can Cook Virtually On Your Phone


Considering most of us cannot travel abroad due to the pandemic, our only hope is to research every country and choose which one we would love to visit. Along with that, lots of people have spent time playing cafe game and spending time on their smartphones. Food is an integral part of the culture of every country. Let us try to mix the two concepts.

Some of these recipes are generations old, while others have reformed and renewed with time. It is also comfort food that is similar in almost all of the states in that country, but some vary from one state to another. Foods that might be impossible to cook at home but we can cook virtually today are:

Peking Duck (China)

Rice is common in almost all Asian countries, including China. But one of the most popular and common dishes in the country is Pekin duck. It is prepared by roasting the duck skin until it becomes thin and crisp. A sweet bean sauce is often eaten along with the duck. The Peking duck is a popular option found in many cooking tycoon games.

Apple Pie (USA)

Hot dogs and hamburgers are commonly associated with the U.S., but nothing says American like good old-fashioned apple pie. Everybody has their favourite types of apples for fillings, and all of them have their specialities. Either way, sugar and cinnamon are generally common in all of them. The flaky crust is the most favoured part for a lot of people. You can eat it hot or cold, with or without ice cream and can find it in a small coffee shop and also in big restaurants.

Nasi Goreng (Indonesia)

Nasi goreng is similar to fried rice found across Asian countries but thicker and sweeter. Using a soy sauce called kecap that, as its name implies, is more like ketchup, the rice gets filled with pickled cucumbers, acar and carrots.

Japan: Sushi

When you think of Japanese cuisine, sushi is the one thing that comes to mind. A dish created in the 1800s, it is now popular around the world and is one of the healthiest dishes. Sushi is not always a fish dish as Vinegared rice wrapped in thin sheets of seaweed, and there are vegetarian options included in the same as well. Cucumber, shiso or soy paper leaves, it’s anything rolled with the rice, from veggies to meats to, yes, raw fish (sashimi). It’s traditionally dipped into soy sauce and, for a kick, a hint of wasabi.

Before the pandemic, people would go to a cafe or restaurants to check out such peculiar dishes. While that may not be possible now, smartphone games can help us learn about cultures and foods from around the world, virtually at least. Maybe we can add more names to our bucket list so that once everything is back to normal, we can visit places and indulge in their cuisines. Until then, we can make the best out of what we have and hope for a turnaround in fortunes soon.