What Are the Different Parts of a Whipped Cream Dispenser and Their Uses?

Before using your whipped cream dispenser for the first time you should know the different parts of a dispenser to avoid injuries. A whipped cream dispenser is made up of different parts; each part has its own function which contributes to the process of making the mixture. A regular whipped cream dispenser is made up of eight different parts that have their own usage. Knowing the function of each part is recommended to avoid any accident.

Tip/ Nozzle:

The tip or nozzle of a whipped cream dispenser is one of the important parts as it facilitates releasing the mixture properly and evenly on the food. A tip is attached to the top of the dispenser head.

The lever is also fixed on the dispenser head and holds the tip.

Clean the tip after every usage to avoid clogging.


The lever is also fixed on the dispenser head. When you press the lever it depressurizes the dispenser’s canister and helps the tip to release the whipped cream mixture on your food.

Dispenser Head: 

The dispenser head also works as a lid to the canister. It holds the tip/ nozzle, lever, and cream charger holder, basically it holds all the parts that are essential to release the whipped cream or mixture. Under the dispenser head, there is a head gasket.

Cream Charger Holder: 

A cream charger holder is yet another important part of a dispenser. The holder holds the small Nitrous oxide gas cylinder called a cream charger. Without a cream charger, it is not possible to make whipped cream. The charger holder holds the cream charger tightly in its place. It is also fixed on the top of the dispenser head and beside the lever and tip. There is a small ping inside the holder that pierces the foil covering of the cream charger.


The canister is at the bottom which holds the mixture in it. It is generally made up of stainless steel. You can store the ingredients in the canister. The canister holds the dispenser head on its top.

Cream charger: 

A cream charger is a small (approximately 8g) cylindrical vessel that is filled with nitrous oxide gas (N2O). Nitrous oxide is essential to make whipped cream and also preserves the cream inside the canister. You can whip cream to four times its initial volume with a cream whipper and a cream charger bulb.

Head Gasket: 

Head gasket is the seal that is present between the dispenser head and canister. It locks the excessive flow of the mixture and prevents leakage of the mixture. A head gasket is present inside the dispenser head.


When you press the lever it forces a millimeter of the valve to go inside the canister, and the valve transfers nitrous oxide gas from the cream charger to the canister. A valve is present on the dispenser head.

A cream becomes the foam whipped cream when – you press the lever, it forces the gas to release from the valve inside the canister then when the canister is under pressure due to the gas it prepares whipped cream and releases it through the nozzle or tip uniformly on the surface.