Top 5 Vegan Sauces You Can Use Today

When you think of vegan sauces, the first thing that comes to the mind is juicy, tasty, and delicious food. Vegan sauces always make your meals more delicious. The best thing about the sauce is how easily it makes foods by dipping into itself. Of course, many vegan ingredients make it tastier. And if you are confused about “Is Soy Sauce Vegan”, then below is the answer.

Let’s check these top 5 vegan sauces – these sauces will make any dishes amazing!

  • Red Wine Tomato Sauce

Red wine tomato sauce is one of the vegan sauces that you can make at home by using many ingredients such as crushed tomatoes, dry red wine, pepper flakes, olive oil, savory, minced onion and garlic, and salt.

  • Raw Hot Sauce

If you love hot spicy sauces, then you will love this vegan sauce which you can make at home very easily. 

You just need some ingredients that will surely available at your homes such as apple cider vinegar, sea salt, coriander, chili powder, lime juice, cumin, and some chia seed.

  • Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is the most versatile condiment that you will have in your kitchen. Many of you may wonder that Is Soy Sauce Vegan or not. Yes, this sauce is 100% vegan. The ingredients used in making the sauce is not animal products. 

The ingredients that used to make soy sauce are soybean paste, water, wheat, butter.

  • Vegan “Fish” Sauce

Fish sauce is a sweet, salty, funky, and fishy condiment. People love this vegan sauce for its umami, earthy, and savory flavor.

If you are a person who has a fish allergy, then you can make this “fish” sauce at home without fish. 

You can make this vegan fish sauce with shitake mushrooms, soy sauce, and liquid amino. These ingredients will create a fishy flavor to the sauce and make it as tasty as the original fish sauce.

  • Cauliflower Sauce

Cauliflower sauce is a very creamy vegan sauce. Very few people may know or use this sauce.

You can make this sauce by making a paste of cauliflower and add some cheesy flavor and nuts.

It’s a healthy sauce that is good for kids and adults also.


These are the top 5 vegan sauce you can make and use in your daily meals. If you don’t have enough time, then you can buy these sauces by any good online store or in the market.