Potatoes are plants that have dull tubers and are devoured in many pieces of the world as a significant wellspring of starches. They are viewed as a staple food by a great many people like rice, corn, and wheat. They started in Peru and were brought to Europe by Spanish mariners. Besides starches, potatoes additionally have phytochemicals like phenols and carotenoids, potassium, thiamin, folate, riboflavin, niacin, magnesium, iron, zinc, and phosphorous. They are likewise wealthy in dietary fiber which ensures against colon disease, brings down cholesterol, and lessens fat. The beginning of the primary scalloped potato recipe is believed to be from England or the Americas however its starting point isn’t known without a doubt. Hypotheses have proliferated about the beginnings of the name, dissipated with articulations of detesting for the dish and even declarations that it was made with breadcrumbs. The reactions were everywhere, and I could observe to be not much. A few reactions said the potatoes in the dish took after scallops, and some said they were arranged the same way as a scallop dish. Others asserted the word came from escalloped, a strategy for cutting slim, little adjusts from meat. 

One thing that is without a doubt is simply the way that this dish frequently winds up being introduced at customary occasion dinners. The way that they can be ready before the occasion and afterward just heated when vital, decreasing the planning time on the real occasion itself, makes them an engaging expansion to any family assembling or dinner time. So if you have never made them try them out, you will before long perceive the amount they highlight your supper. What’s more, you will rapidly acknowledge how they were not that enormous of an issue to make. 

The namesake of this dish frequently befuddles individuals because regularly when you hear scalloped it makes you consider scallops. In any case, scalloped potatoes steer clear of this shellfish. It is believed that maybe the Old English word, “collops” which intended to cut meat meagerly may have been utilized to depict the dish after potatoes were once cut into “collops” by the cooks of Yorkshire, England. 

The scalloped potato recipe has a few unique adaptations from American and Irish ones. These are made with daintily cut potatoes cooked with cheddar, milk, cream, and breadcrumbs. One may imagine that it contains scallops, which is a kind of shellfish, however, it doesn’t. The Old English word “collop” from the Old French “escalope” signified “cut meat” which is the way potatoes are made in a proper scalloped potato recipe