The Best Asian That Dishes People Should Try

When we think of Asia, we think of many things like its rich culture, great people, politics, and of course, its cuisine. People can choose from a wide range of cultural and exotic flavors from across the entire continent. 

The dishes in Asian cuisine are cooked with a large variety of spices, condiments, and herbs that make it both, delicious to eat and appetizing to look at. It is colorful, diverse, and has bold flavors. You just cannot miss some of the best Asian dishes mentioned below to get a taste of their remarkable flavors. Donburi rice bowls [ข้าว ดง บุ ริ, which is the term in Thai] are one of the most popular Asian dishes which people should consider.

Start your heavenly journey of food by trying out the king of Asian cuisine – satay. It is a popular and versatile Indonesian dish that is made with meat or seafood on a stick and is roasted over charcoal or open fire. It is usually served with a variety of dips and you might also get some sticky rice along with it. 

Next, you should try one of India’s most lovable dishes, chole bhature. It is a combination of two dishes, chole – a type of fried naan bread made with flour and bhature – a delicious spicy chickpea curry. It is commonly served with pickles and onions. To complete the dish, you can order a cold glass of lassi which is a sweet card-based drink that originated in India. 

Mochi is a tiny cake made which are made of glutinous rice and is very famous in Japan. You can get mochi in a variety of colors that are very cute to look at. While eating it, you must take small bites of it as it is extremely chewy. This glutinous treat is a must-try for you. Do try Pad Thai which is the national dish of Thailand. 

The delicious dish is a stir-fry made with rice noodles, dried shrimp, eggs, tofu, and bean. And when it comes to meat, chicken and pork are the most popular choices. It is a very well-balanced dish that has both salty and sweet elements. 

These are a few dishes that are loved by Asians and Westerners alike. Asian cuisine has a lot to offer to diners from all over the world. Being the largest continent, it is home to a diverse range of cuisines and each region boasts about its ingredients and dishes. The dishes are colorful and diverse and trying them will be one of the best decisions that one can make. 

Seek assistance from professionals to enjoy the best Donburi rice bowls. Bon Appetit!