Roast Cod with Chive Beurre Blanc & Oyster Mushrooms: A Pretty Picture

Sorry for the tease folks, but this post contains nothing more than a pretty picture of some truly delicious food.

While it may only be a photo, I did, in fact, make it and perhaps I’ll toss up a recipe for it someday, but as it should so happen, I was perusing some old photos and happened across this one. It’s really indicative of the direction I tend to take this blog in terms of both photography and recipe design, so keep your eyes out.

Simple, yet refined. Elegant, but not overly complicated. Stunning and totally delicious.

Consider this a bit of a motivator to come on back over and check out what I’ll be throwing down. Whether it’s an entire multi-course meal, general commentary on life, a simple inspired dish, or a delicious cocktail, I fully plan on kicking back into gear and delivering on all of the foodstoney-goodness you could possibly imagine!

Thanks for listening to my rant.

To be continued…

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