How to choose the best can opener for your needs?

At second glance, a can be opened differently. One device works better than another. The other produces clean cutting edges.

What do we mean by a can opener?

This is a tool for opening metal cans, which is probably found in almost every household. The product range ranges from simple to comfortable models.

You can choose between two operating modes: manual and electric.

In your kitchen, a can opener should be one of the standard tools. Because emergency solutions such as cooking knives or rubbing on paving stones carry various dangers. On the one hand, the content can leak. On the other hand, they can hurt themselves badly. In the worst case, they retain scars and other permanent damage. It is also not excluded that the contents of the cans become inedible due to dirt or metal shavings.

The classic manual can opener

These are the common models, which are operated by hand. They are available in two versions: simple rifle openers and lever instruments.

The simple can opener

Such can openers are usually made of metal. The handle is usually covered with plastic. At the bottom, there is a sharp tip. This is pushed into the lid of the can. To separate it from the Can, the opener must be guided around with a lot of effort.

So a can opener is cheap, but not completely harmless. Since the rifle is cut open by this technique, the risk of injury is very high.

Razor-sharp edges are created on which you can cut yourself. But this is not the only danger. By cutting the sheet metal, small metal shavings can enter the contents of the can.

The lever instrument

These can openers are qualitatively better. The steel used is often stainless and guarantees long durability. The handles are either pliers or levers.

At the blade, instead of the sharp tip, there is a transport wheel, which is placed on the box. By turning the lever, the wheel is now set in motion. The result is a clean cut. The edges are less sharp-edged. The effort is also lower.

The electric can opener

An uncomplicated and convenient solution for opening canned cans. As can be seen from the heading, these are electrically operated devices. This means that they do not work without a mains connection or batteries.

We distinguish between the household standard can openers and professional industrial can openers. The latter is larger and open several cans per Minute.

The can openers for domestic use are approximately between 12 and 28 cm in length.

In terms of shape, most of them resemble a computer mouse and lie very well in the hand. The operating mechanism is made of stainless steel and the housing is mostly made of robust plastic.

Openers of this type can be easily plugged in and taken anywhere.

But there are also square ones. These are partly stationary devices. Attention: these are often only designed for certain can sizes. This means: you may need a second can opener.

Electric can openers are easy to operate. You don’t necessarily have to be one of the most skilled to cope with it.

Simply place the device at the edge of the box. Or if it is a stationary device, put the can into it. Now press the start button, and off you go. The Open is not something that happens without effort.

You can also be sure that there are neither sharp edges on the lid nor on the can itself. The manufacturers have also thought about accessibility.

Electric can openers are designed so that anyone can operate them easily. Also, someone who has to fight with a Handicap. Also, these devices have met the safety standards of modern household appliances.

What makes a good can opener?

To determine whether a product can be found to be good or not, it is tested according to certain criteria for quality, user-friendliness, and safety-relevant aspects. The following points are decisive for Can Openers:

  • Quality and quality;
  • Security;
  • Operating comfort and feel;
  • Accessibility features.

Can-openers are rated as good quality if they are of stable construction and are made of stainless steel. Since they often come into contact with liquids, there is a risk of rust forming at some point in cheap products. Therefore, you should refrain from such products. Because like any other kitchen helper, a can opener must be cleaned regularly. At the latest when cleaning, moisture is in play.

As with many other kitchen aids, safety is also one of the most important aspects of Can Openers. Good can openers do not leave any sharp edges on the lid or on the can itself. They also do not release metal shavings. Besides, high-quality models ensure a safe opening process without slipping.

Design and handling play another important role. Good openers are grippy and lie well in the hand. They are single-handed and easy to clean. Anyone who looks at the Tests will find that the electric can openers always end up in the first ranks.

The general conclusion to the can opener

In any case, it is recommended to have one or more can openers.

There are no alternatives to opening cans that are not dangerous in any way.

First of all, you decide according to your ideas and needs which can opener is the right one for you. If it should be as inexpensive as possible and do without batteries or electricity, a manual is sufficient.

Gun openers of this type are partly quite handy and easy to use. But they require their powers and some skill for the operation. There is also a risk of injury in many cases due to sharp edges and released metal shavings. Only the lever instruments perform reasonably reliable and clean work. But with small doses, you can also slip with these under certain circumstances.

If you opt for an electric can opener, purchase a reliable kitchen tool with a guarantee for clean open cans.

It’s quick, easy and effortless. The operation is easy to play and also a breeze for people with disabilities. A push of a button is enough.

However, batteries or power connections are required for operation. Electric can openers are usually small and handy.

The size of the cans must only be taken into account for some pedestals. In terms of safety, electrical appliances lack nothing. There are no sharp edges or residues and no risk of slipping.