How Much Should You Tip A Pizza Delivery Driver?

Have you ever tried ordering pizza or some other food for delivery and wonder how much tip will you give the delivery person? Even though the tip isn’t obligatory in a technical manner, not leaving a tip for a delivery person is somewhat rude. Therefore, if you do not want to leave a tip, you should rather order pizza or other Italian foods for pickup.

Every person has personal rules for giving tips, yet what really is the proper etiquette? In this post, we are going to discuss how much should you tip a pizza delivery driver. Read on to learn more!

Delivery Fees

Aside from giving tips, a lot of restaurants now add delivery fees to your bill. These commonly cost around $3 to $10 for the whole order. From time to time, these delivery fees are much higher when the food is delivered to an office building or when the order is larger than a common delivery run.

Due to the fact that it is rare that delivery fees go to the delivery person, they shouldn’t be considered a part of your tip.

What’s more, the minimum delivery fee isn’t the same as a tip. This refers to the minimum price of the food that you should order for the food business to deliver. Moreover, the owner of the restaurant might opt to take a direct minimum delivery fee and is not necessary to pass it along to the delivery person unless they don’t earn enough in tips, in order to earn at least the minimum wage.

How Much Should You Tip A Pizza Delivery Person?

For pizza delivery orders that cost $20 or lesser, it is normal to offer a tip of not lower than $3. Furthermore, for orders that amount to more than $20, tipping 10-15 percent is fine, yet never lower than $5.

Before you even tip $3 on smaller orders, you should consider whether you’d make the same trip for as simple as $3. If your delivery person was polite and on time, thank them with the tip that you think they deserve.

When Should You Tip More?

Your delivery driver is a mobile waiter and you need not consider tipping an optional choice. Even though you might always choose to go for the suggested minimum top, you should be considerate and factor in the conditions and times in which a much larger tip might be more appropriate.

For instance, you should tip more:

  • If the delivery person provide you with an amazing service or preferential treatment;
  • During peak order moments, when drivers work faster and harder just to get your foods to you while it’s still hot;
  • When the delivery person should travel more than 5 miles from a store to deliver your order; and
  • During extreme weather conditions or any time, the driver conditions are more hazardous than usual.

Being a delivery person isn’t lucrative at all, and your tops can really make a difference to the person. So the next time you order pizza for delivery, make sure that you give the delivery person the tip they deserve!