Beef Stew: A Completely New Spin by having an Old Favorite

Tasty! Beef Stew! Thinking about it provides a sense of warmth and comfort for awesome days or every single day for example. It might be enjoyed any season. But do not know great beef stew? Continue studying!

1) Meat

2) Veggies

3) Cooking Method


A great beef stew starts with great meat. Clearly, there are numerous cuts of meat accessible within the meat department. Obtaining the very best cut of meat is frequently as easy as picking out a completely new package of stew meat already reduce small pieces for straightforward browning. You may even select a little bit of beef and possess the butcher cut the meat to suit your needs. However, once i end up buying my meat, I ensure it’s Angus beef since it has less marbling which is more tender types of beef, perfect to get the best stews.


You can’t have beef stew without any vegetables. The fantastic factor is the fact that almost any veggie can be utilized. Most stews include taters, peas, carrots, tomato vegetables, and celery. Onions certainly are a personal matter however always ensure they are inside my stew. Try adding other fresh periodic ingredients from your garden. Why not add eggplant, corn, zucchini or yellow squash.

Cooking Method

How you ready your component perfectly could be debate. Most often you think about beef stew simmering on top in the stove in the Nederlander oven all day long lengthy. Some use their slow oven, allowing the stew to simmer all day long lengthy without dealing with keep close track of it. I, however, wish to get another. The most popular approach to prepare beef stew is always to add all of the ingredients into my electric pressure oven. This really is really the easiest and fastest “put it in by leaving it” approach to cooking that I have discovered. After browning your meat (inside the pressure oven) simply incorporate your favorite ingredients, water and broth, set the timer for half an hour roughly. Having an electric pressure oven infuses flavor into all of your ingredients. Additionally, it allows you to certainly prepare from frozen, when you buy. Simply put your frozen meats, veggies and fluids for your pressure oven, set the controls for approximately one hour and PRESTO! There is a fantastic beef stew ready to serve.