BBQs 2U Offers Masterbuilt Gravity Series for Simple Charcoal Grilling and Smoking

No one can imagine summer without a barbeque! The grill is generally the focal point for get-togethers among friends and family. BBQing transforms a regular meal into social engagement! Even the children can enjoy playing outdoors while their parents grill their favorite quesadillas right beside them. Visit the showroom of BBQs 2U and browse through their wide inventory of BBQs from top brands.

Since 2002, the BBQs 2U passionate family introduced a retail store intending to offer people in the UK the best grillers to cook. They demonstrate the significance of BBQs – How BBQing can help to bump the diner’s health value as grilling meat retains more nutrients in comparison to frying and baking. People can stay healthy as less fat is consumed because the excess will drip away. 

BBQs 2U stocks barbeques and accessories from well-established manufacturers like Masterbuilt, Kamado Joe, and Napoleon. They even sell an Ooni Pizza oven, charcoal, sauces, BBQ tools, and everything that makes BBQing enjoyable!

Masterbuilt is the largest BBQ brand in America found in 1973. It is popular globally for its versatile, innovative, and affordable bbq range. The first digitally controlled Masterbuilt Gravity Series BBQ was introduced to the world market in 2020. 

Masterbuilt Gravity series has made charcoal grilling simple and convenient just like a gas BBQ. It is a huge success among BBQing fans because of the charcoal flavored food they can cook. Users can smoke, grill, bake, roast, and sear setting temperature from a Smart device [Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled] or on the digital control display. The DigitalFan maintains the airflow motion from the hopper towards the cooking chamber at the desired cooking temperature. 

Gravity series Masterbuilt 1050 BBQ has a GravityFed charcoal hopper capable to hold 4.5 kg of charcoal lumps or 7 kg of briquettes. Gravity makes sure that BBQers have a constant fuel supply to keep the fire going for up to 8 hours. In 10 minutes, the temperature reaches 110°C, suitable for low & slow cooking. In 15 minutes, the heat escalates to 370°C needed for grilling and searing on the reversible cast-iron grates. 

At BBQs 2U, check the different models of Masterbuilt Gravity – 560, 800, and 1050 series. The charcoal grilling is made simple – feed the hopper and it feeds the fuel, fan feeds the flame and it feeds everyone [with delicious grilled food]. 

The stainless-steel side-shelf offers good preparation space and the specially designed ‘Foldaway’ warming and smoking racks offer extra cooking space essential for cooking comfortably. Gravity series has a versatile group of users. The Gravity Series offers a grilling experience not just to the seasoned pitmasters but even first-time grillers. 

Check the remarkable Masterbuilt BBQ accessories and enhance your barbeque. They have designed custom-fitted covers to shield the barbeque from outdoor elements and weather. It even protects the unit against nicks and scratches. 

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