7 cakes you must try on the New Year eve celebration

It’s finally the time to bid adieu to this year and move ahead with new hopes, new beginnings and new dreams into the New Year. As the time to bid farewell to this year comes, we at least want to end this year on a good note, though it might not have been started on a good one. All of us are gearing up for ringing into the New Year with our closest bunch of people with some homemade delicious food and desserts. One such new year dessert which is a common sight across every household on new year eve is a toothsome new year cake. New year Eve celebration is undoubtedly incomplete without celebrating it over with some delightful cakes, which some like to bake on their own while some others like to order cakes in Bangalore or wherever that they are residing. So, get ready to pop a bottle of champagne as we suggest you some cakes that are perfect for your New Year celebration.

  1. Chocolate Gingerbread Cake With White Chocolate Buttercream – Evoke your festive spirit as you choose to mark your new year celebrations over this moist chocolate gingerbread cake which comes layered with delicious white chocolate buttercream. Something like this cake is sure to make a perfect centrepiece for any holiday season.
  2. Flourless Fudge Cake – An intensely rich, chocolatey flourless chocolate cake which even happens to be gluten-free, is sure to be loved by all friends and family. If you and your loved ones are a sucker for bittersweet chocolate cake then you bet, this cake will be loved by them.
  3. S’mores Icebox Cake – Prepared with chocolate pudding, marshmallow cream and graham crackers, S’mores Icebox Cake is sure to leave everyone dreams about those summer days. A no-bake cake as this one is sure to become the highlight of your New Year eve celebration.
  4. Black Forest Layer Cake With Cherry Sauce – Some chocolate cakes just remain chocolate cakes, but some others turn out to be making history. This New Year cake belongs to the latter category of cake. A rich, moist, gooey black forest cake layered with cherry cream and sauce is sure to fetch you some overwhelming compliments. It is light, and it is balanced, and it surely looks way more appealing than any other kind of delish.
  5. Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart Cake – New Year eve is one such time of the year when you can have lots and lots of chocolate and sweet treats made of chocolate. No one will be stopping you! One such sweet treat is salted caramel chocolate tart cake. One can’t just keep their hands and eyes off this sweet, tempting delicacy. This tart cake is sure to become a major hit at your New Year celebration.
  6. Spiced Pear Upside-Down Cake – A nutty, spiced fruit cake is sure to leave all your folks drooling over it. It is a perfect accompaniment to new year party drinks and other savouries. From its unmatched appeal to its deliciousness, this spices upside-down pear cake is sure to brighten up everyone’s day to the core.
  7. Heartbeet Chocolate Cake – Win everyone’s heart big time over this baked token of love for your New Year celebration. The naturally sweetened beet puree adds a perfect taste and flavour to the cake. This gluten-free chocolate cake gets a red velvet-like topping which is bound to make the New Year a happy one indeed for everyone.

So, these were some of our New Year cake options which hope you are surely gonna give it a try. Each of these cakes tastes and looks different, make sure to pick the one which matches your New Year celebration vibes. You can absolutely look for the recipes online over the internet as well as try your hands on baking them. Other than these cakes you can think of baking some cookies, pudding, churros, pretzels, doughnuts and much more to keep your crowd-pleasing. It’s totally up to you, what all you want your people to relish in your new year party. Just a little tip – whatever you choose to bake, bake it with all your heart, and you shall see the end product to be unseemingly appealing and tasty.

Bon Appetit!