6 Best Pubs to Chill at in Montreal

Montreal is a great place to enjoy a pint of beer at. There are many easy going pubs where you can relish the good memories along with chugging a pint with your friends. The bars in Montreal have more of a traditional vibe with comforting hardwood or interiors. You may also find dartboards hanging on the walls or TV where a sports channel is on. When in Montreal, here are the best pubs you can try.


  • Mad hatter bar


If you love playing pool and chugging drinks with great food, Mad Hatter bar is a place to be. It is situated in the center of Crescent Street. If you love beer, they have a lot of collection from Import, Micro and Domestic. They also serve hard drinks if you are interested in the same.


  • Le Trèfle


This new pub in the downtown is one of the most popular locations for brews on a copper top bar located in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. This pub focuses more on the beers from Britain and Quebec, scotch, whiskeys and a menu with the greatest food options.


  • Bishop & Bagg


After the success of Burgundy Lion, this pub emphasized more on food. The part of the mission of the group was to add in more British culture and vibe to Montreal, hence Bishop & Bagg came to the rescue for beers and bites apart from a dizzying selection of gin.


  • Le Vieux Dublin


This is deemed the oldest Irish pub in Montreal and it bears around 2 dozen and change in options for tap beer apart from the liquor selection it provides. The menu is loaded with normal greasy fare and its major part is reserved for Indian delicacies like saag and bhuna ghosht.


  • McLean’s Pub


This building was made around the year 1910 which was more of an iteration of a bar for decades before it became the most loved pub in the year 1992. This place now serves a lot of drinks and pub grub and is always a favorite place for Habs fans and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.


  • Hurley’s Irish Pub


If you are looking for beers, single malts and whiskeys, Hurley’s is a place adorned with hardwood and carpeted second floor and an open stone walled basement that plays live music every night. You can also watch your favorite football game there.