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4 Food You Must Try in UAE

Do you want to enjoy a meal? and want family time the dinner table is the perfect meetup place. Lunch and supper are the most popular times to mingle with family, friends, and coworkers. In the Middle East, where meals are seen as occasions to enjoy good cuisine and good company. Middle Easterners typically eat a large lunch, occasionally followed by a nap and a late dinner. They always design their table with a good and healthy diet which contains nutrients and vitamins in it. In the Middle East, a typical meal consists of meat, fish, or stew, as well as several vegetable dishes or salads. Meals are frequently preceded by a salad, appetizer, dip-like spreads, pickles, and/or bowls of olives, dates, and nuts.

Meals are also frequently served with bread and/or mounds of rice. Usually, tea is served before a meal. You drink water or fruit juice along with your food. You can taste some of the following dishes of the United Arab Emirates which will be mouthwatering.

1-Mix Shawarma

Shawarma is a classic Arab dish which is made of meat, it can be lamb, chicken, turkey, beef or mixed meat. This mix of Shawarma is seasoned and placed on a spit then it is slowly roasted. You can slice it into thin pieces and serve it with salad, bread, tomato, cucumber or noodles. The word Shawarma originated from the Turkish word cevirme. The recipe originated from turkey, in which there is seasoning of the meat is done with spices. Adding more zing to your flavour, you can add cinnamon, clove, allspice, nutmeg and other warm spices. It is best to marinate the meat overnight and the flavor of marinated meat is intense enough that you will enjoy it. Take a zip lock and transfer this marinated meat into it. Now make a yogurt sauce with mint and spices. It will get a great crust on a BBQ or stove, now assemble all the ingredients and boil your noodles aside. Spread the marinated fried meat on the pizza bread with noodles and salad and it’s ready to eat. You can enjoy this spicy and delicious food  from Noon food coupon.

2- Lebanon Falafel

The best authentic falafel you must try is made with chickpeas, fresh herbs and cucumber. You can select your favorite way to enjoy the falafel. It can be served with warm pita sandwiches, tahini sauce or humus with tomatoes.  Chickpeas (or fava beans) are combined with fresh herbs and spices to create the well-known Middle Eastern “fast food” known as falafel. It is then molded into little patties or balls.  It is said that falafel came into being in Egypt when Christians searched for a filling substitute for meat during fasting. It is now a well-liked vegan dish throughout Egypt and the rest of the Middle East.

In Egypt, falafel is still a staple meal, and you can purchase it from street vendors in practically every district.  It’s frequently served as a sandwich with slices of roasted or fried eggplant, heaps of salad, and a tahini. You have to soak dry chickpeas through the light with half a tablespoon of baking soda.  Now make the mixture of garlic, onion and other herbs, grind it and make the balls.

3- Muhallabia Dessert Mix

Are you craving a desert? then eat this Smooth and creamy Muhallabia.  This sweet dish can be made with Greens Muhallabiah Dessert Mix. It has a subtle orange blossom flavour. Based on the traditional recipe, it makes a delicious dessert for any occasion or the ideal end to a big dinner. You can make it with cornstarch or rice flour, based on your preference. A smooth consistency will be achieved by adding rice and corn flour into it.

Then you will add the cream and whisk on the heat for about 10 minutes. When the mixture is thickened to pudding consistency, then you will add cardamom water, and orange juice in it. Stir this dessert mix for a sweet and yummy taste until it forms a vigorous mass. Now you can pour it into serving cups or can transfer it into one big dish. To cool it at least for a few hours, pop this dessert into the fridge. When ready to serve and enjoy garnish it with some almonds and nuts for a perfect flavor.

4-Fattoush Salad

This Lebanese fattoush salad is a quintessential recipe that you will find at all Arabic food street restaurants. It is topped with iconic fried pita, a salad made with seasonal vegetables, so you can serve it with beef kafta or chicken tawook.  This salad is a Mediterranean salad that includes tomatoes, lettuce, green peppers parsley and onions. The word fattoush originated from the word Fateh which means crumbs. This salad is a hodgepodge of pita bread that has been fried and seasoned then baked with other vegetables. Chop all the ingredients then, mix it with fresh lemon juice, sumac, garlic, mint, and pomegranate molasses. Cut the pita into to desired shape and then toss it with olive oil until it turns, lightly golden brown. Add the chopped ingredients and then pour the dressings, and your delicious meal is ready.