About Me

FoodStoned: Adjective.

1) The feeling of total elation one gets after a truly satisfactory meal.
2) The heightened sense of being delivered through good food and good friends.
3) Loss of consciousness due to losing oneself, or getting in over one’s head with anything food related.

Driven by the feeling you get by awesome food and friends, I write to deliver my food/culinary experiences to you on a silver platter; the likes of which you’ve never seen… okay, well, you probably have.

This is no B.S. (or total B.S.) and I’m here to show the world that Minnesota is where the next culinary revolution is taking place (probably). With forward thinking minds and palates, we Minnesotans know what we’re doing (for the most part).

Fresh produce. Fresh meat. Simple. Complex. Old world. New world. Classical. Avant-garde. Thick, steamy Sarcasm.

We’ve simply got it all.

From traditional Mid-West constructs to stuff that belongs in the Louvre, the Twin Cities are out to make their mark and it’s my job to tell you all about it. Through thorough, thoughtful analysis and in-depth critique, I’ll deliver the culinary stories that’ll get you drooling; seriously, you should look into a bib…

Make it a point to come back and visit often; I’m always up to something new and exciting. If you know of something that I should know about, please feel free to let me in on your little culinary secret. It’s all about knowledge here and everybody knows that knowledge is awesome.


Foodstoned (Keane)